Royal Regiment of Fusiliers St George’s Day 50 Years Sergeant Donald Todd (RLC) MoD Crown Copyright

The Royal Regiment Of Fusiliers was formed on St George's Day, 23rd April 1968, as one of the new large infantry regiments, by the union of the four regiments of the Fusilier Brigade.

Over the past fifty years, the regiment has been involved in more than 30 conflicts all over the world and are highly regarded within the British Army.

In a special Forces Radio BFBS programme, which you can hear by clicking LISTEN below, Chris Sturgess looks back over the regiment's history.

From the early days of formation at the Tower of London in the 16th century through the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq an Afghanistan to the modern day Fusilier training for future operations and exercises.

The Regiment recruits nationally but retains strong ties with their traditional counties of Northumberland, Warwickshire, Greater London and Lancashire.

From veterans, we hear accounts of incredible bravery and from those currently serving we find out how today's armoured Infantry prepare for future deployments. And above all, we find out why these soldiers are so proud to wear the red and white hackle in their beret.