Lt General Ivan Jones In Forces Radio BFBS Canada Studio

While visiting the British Army Training Unit Suffield, in Alberta Canada recently, Lt Gen Ivan Jones found the time to join BFBS Canada’s Station Manager Frank McCarthy for a longer than normal chat. We’ve produced it into a ‘must listen’ 42-minute special programme.

From growing up just outside Bristol to playing a lot of high-level rugby and having a best friend who thought he would be the last person to join the Army let alone reach such a high level, Ivan Jones is a genuinely endearing individual.Despite his aspiration to concentrate on playing rugby to a high level when he first joined up, the Army took priority and he spent his first years in the Falkland Islands, Cyprus and on arctic warfare training in Norway.

But what kind of music does a Lt General like? Ivan isn’t too dissimilar to the rest of us; with music influences from his parents like The Carpenters and Boney M, to bands he was into as a young man like Madness and The Specials. While in the Army Ivan listened to his ‘Tour Songs’ Playlist while running around Lashkar Gah, in Afghanistan, with artists like The Killers and Billy Joel.

Commander Field Army, Lt General Ivan Jones On Track with Forces Radio BFBS was written and created by Frank McCarthy and Produced by Neil Moore, and is a compelling listen.