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For 75 years there has been a place where the people who defend us, their families, and their communities, have had a voice.

It’s a place where the voice of the forces community has always been heard.

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BFBS was set up just 24 years after the world’s first-ever radio station. As the war took a turn towards potential victory, the voice of the British Armed Forces was heard for the first time across the airwaves of North Africa.

It would mark the first moments of a service that has grown, spread across the world, and connected the global forces community for 75 years.

Engineers installing broadcasting equipment for the FBS
Engineers installing broadcasting equipment for the FBS

But wherever it was, it was not only a vital part of everyday community life, it was also a witness to history in the making.

In this Original Forces Programme, Mike Howarth takes us on a journey that started in Algeria, saw world-changing events and everyday moments in far-flung communities of people who serve their country through good times and bad.

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BFBS tell the stories of British Forces on operations around the world