Nick Knowles, the well-loved DIY SOS presenter, came on the Big Friday Show to chat about his exciting new music career, working with Prince Harry's charity Walking With The Wounded and he responded to Shane Richie's claim that he is just a 'chippie who only sings for a hobby'.

Following a surprise announcement to release his debut album ‘Every Kind of People’ on 3 November, Nick has received mixed responses from the media but has so far batted away any criticism.

"I think there's room enough for everybody. I'm a great believer in having a go at stuff. Whenever I coach people... I always say to them try and surround yourself with energy radiators rather than energy sponges."

His TV work has been watched by millions. A DIY SOS legend and staunch supporter of the Armed Forces, whose father was in the Royal Air Force, Nick has worked with multiple military charities including Walking With The Wounded.

"One of the great things about Walking With The Wounded is they'll pretty much work with anyone in order to try and make progress on behalf of veterans so I really liked working with them."

Jay James and Hal Stewart were both suitably impressed after hearing Nick's music and the pair decided to bother him by forcing Nick to drive around until he found a fairly acceptable phone signal and could chat to them on their show.

Jay and Hal regularly enjoy the time of a great many Armed Forces supporting celebrities and you can hear the Big Friday Show weekly on Forces Radio BFBS between 4-7pm UK time.