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Attention Mums, if your child goes to Hornbill School in Brunei this article is just for you.

To celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, March 11, Forces Radio BFBS Brunei's James Measom recorded some special messages just for you which you can see below.

Don't miss our special Mother's Day programme on Forces Radio BFBS and BFBS Extra this Sunday from 10am UKT with Nicky Smith and Tim Humphries.

WARNING, these messages are super cute.

All Gavin needs in life is scrambled eggs and apparently, his Mum makes the best.

Bailey loves pasta (who doesn't am I right?) and his Mum is very, very good at it.

Suzanne took this Mother's Day message to the next level by throwing in a wave at the end and throwing us excellently off our game.

You have to watch this Mother's Day message right to the end, it is hilarious. Georgie made everyone laugh who was there for the filming.

When you are feeling sad a hug from a loved one can make everything feel better. Apparently, Chloe's Mum is a big fan of hugs.

Anish wants everyone to know > "My Mum is a sign of love and peace throughout the whole family."


Isn't this adorable? Is your Mum as helpful and caring as Khusi's?

Yalamber's Mum sounds like the kind of woman we all need in our lives.

Rachhya's Mum is never too far away. Always there to take care of her.

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