When you go on holiday do you try and speak the lingo or hope that your hosts can speak some English?

Luckily personnel and dependents within British Forces Cyprus have the opportunity to learn a whole host of languages thanks to 55 Army Education Centre.

From French to Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Greek there are plenty of options available whether you want to fully learn a language or just dip your toes in. Second In Command of 55 Army Education Centre Captain Shaun Brown shares what is on offer.

“There are quite a few opportunities in British Forces Cyprus to learn a language.

"If there is an operational requirement within your unit then courses are available.

"It’s done on a case by case basis and if there is a good justification then we can jack something up with a tutor.

"We can deliver a three or five-day course just for basic meetings and greetings or there is a more intensive five-week course which could offer a military language qualification that you can put on JPA.”

55 AEC

Open to a wide variety of people who are keen to learn the language of the country they are posted or detached to, there are a number of options available. Captain Shaun Brown explains how to get started.

“You can do private study if you want and there are resources specifically focused on Greek while you’re in Cyprus.

"So get yourself down to the library in Episkopi, Akrotiri, Dhekelia, Ay Nik or Nicosia. There are audiobooks, online programmes.”

From learning how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to ‘do you speak English?’ 55 AEC Group provides a handy guide for how to say fifteen key everyday phrases in Greek.

For more information or to sign up for language courses across British Forces Cyprus visit the 55 Army Education Centre Facebook Page.

Photo: Flickr / Duncan Hull

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