Dragon Company 2 MERCIAN Mortars

Soldiers from The Mercian Regiment took to the ranges to mark the 10th anniversary of the regiment’s Formation Day.

The Mercian Regiment formed on 1 September 2007 through an amalgamation of three existing regiments and despite its youth prides itself on being one of the most operationally experienced in the British Army with current taskings including Op Trenton in South Sudan and Op Shader in Iraq.

Happy 10th birthday to the Mercian Regiment! Tune in all this week to hear how soldiers from Dragon company, 2 Mercian marked their Formation Day. Here you can see slow-mo firing of GPMG and HMG on the ranges. #Mercian10 The Mercian Regiment 2 MERCIAN British Army BFBS Radio

Posted by BFBS Totally Connected on Monday, 11 September 2017


Soldiers from Dragon Company, 2 MERCIAN marked the formation day by inviting tri-service personnel who they are deployed alongside to a weapons experience and capability demonstration. Forces Radio BFBS' Jade Callaway joined them for a demonstration of their kit and capabilities.

On the ranges demonstrations included firing the Sniper Rifles, Heavy Machine Gun and General Purpose Machine Gun.

There was also the chance to get out of puff on the “Bayonet Run” assault course and up close and personal on the mortar line where we can tell you the only thing better than a video of mortar fire is a video of slow-mo mortar fire.

The locals were invited to join 2 MERCIAN on the ranges and offered the chance to have a go at being a sharp shooter.

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