The organisation behind the LifeWorks Families support network which helps military spouses, Royal British Legion Industries, have launched a free online resource to help partners return to employment or start a new career.

It follows the success of their employment support course which has been a lifeline for wives, husbands and partners across military bases in the UK and in overseas locations such as Cyprus, Brunei and northern Europe.

Providing tips and advice on how to create a winning CV in seven easy steps and how to get back into the employment path there are a series of videos which you can access from the comfort of your home.

Iain Downie, Head of the LifeWorks programme at the Royal British Legion Industries explains the benefits of the resource.

“We’ve realised that no matter how far afield we go we can’t run courses for everybody, and so we’ve done two things to resolve this.

"We’ve been delivering remote support by email, telephone and Skype, and most recently we’re moving onto our online resource.

“It gives people an extra resource, but also it’s a beginning point for your career. If you’re not sure of whether or not you want to head forward into employment this is a good time to start working on your CV and then perhaps get in contact with us afterwards if you would like more support on any of the other aspects.”

Looking to the future Iain talks about what they have planned next for the online platform.

“We will be moving onto other resources which will include things like interview skills, job searching and some of the top tips to make it work for you.”

The resources are available now on the RBLI LifeWorks Families website and you can also find out when they have upcoming courses.

Cover Photo: LifeWorks

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