A former Grenadier Guard who was wounded in Afghanistan in 2009 losing both legs below the knee is this year’s Invictus Games Team UK Captain, Bernie Broad.

Bernie endured four and a half years of extensive surgery plus intensive rehabilitation at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.

On the Help For Heroes website the former British Army Major explained his motivation to be part of the Invictus Games.

“I am looking forward to taking part in The Invictus Games as I see this involvement as a way to re-focus myself physically and mentally and to re-engage in a full, active, competitive and fulfilling life.”

Forces Radio BFBS’ broadcaster Hal Stewart walked the St. George’s Golf Club course in Toronto while talking to Bernie's wife Janet as the UK's Team Captain participated in the competition. Hear his chat with Janet and daughter Amy, who flew out to support him, above.

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Despite the heat the competitors are getting on with the job at hand, even with Hal chatting in the background and building work continuing at pace.

“People are taking their shots so we have to be respectful of everybody else and let them take the shot in quiet even though there’s a lot of construction work going on.”

The temperatures are hitting above 33 degrees which is even surprising the Canadians. Janet and her daughter are thrilled but worried it will impact negatively on those competing.

“Bonus for us but I don’t suppose it’s a bonus for the players out in it for six plus hours. But it’s better than the rain we’d get in the UK.”

Hal asked Janet how Bernie is finding being Captain of the UK Team and how he’s coping with the work load.

“He’s loving the Captaincy as much as the competitive side. I’ve not seen him any weekend for five months unless I’ve joined him on training camps to watch the other guys.”

Janet featured in a BBC documentary meeting members of the UK Armed Forces team as they prepared to compete in the Invictus Games. ‘Battle To The Start Line” first aired in September. Hal asked Janet if people are recognising her now she’s been on TV.

“Only the other wives and families. It was a privilege to do it because it’s getting the message out there… that there is a positive outcome at the end and it’s not all doom and gloom.”

Bernie finished the day 7th in the Men’s gold final not enough to place in the medal positions but the gold did go to his UK Armed Forces team mate David Scott.

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