Jody Shield Wellbeing Expert Mindfulness #BigWednesdayShow Jay James Hal Stewart

Mind, body and soul expert Jody Shield has joined the #BigWednesdayShow for a new feature helping Jay James and Hal Stewart inject a feeling of energy and positivity into everyone's afternoons.

As part of the #BigWednesdayShow Jay & Hal aim to promote health, fitness and wellbeing with ongoing features #WorkoutWednesday and #WorkItWednesday so who better to help them with this than Jody who is a motivational speaker, author, blogger and all round wellbeing expert. Jody said:

"I really thrive off supporting people with opening up and uncovering any blocks standing in the way of success and happiness."

Jody is known for mentoring and supporting many high profile celebrities with their continued success and growth in spiritual healing.

"There's an emergence of people wanting to understand their mind. How do I work out the mind? How do I understand that muscle?"

"I really want to know what the deeper stuff is. What's my purpose, why am I here?"

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If you missed the first ‘Well, Well, Well’ feature ever recorded on Forces Radio BFBS have no fear, it's right here.

Jody Shield Wellbeing Expert Mindfulness #BigWednesdayShow Jay James Hal Stewart

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