For many Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, is all about making and eating as many pancakes as possible but do you know how to make them from scratch?

Forces Radio BFBS Northern Ireland’s Rachel Cochrane is convinced that her Aunt holds the key to making the perfect batch. Hear her secret in the clip above.

Rachel's nephew was master taster after helping his Grandma whip up a few dozen to celebrate. The big question is... what was his favourite topping?

A quick search on Twitter reveals that quite a lot of people are more excited about the prospect of eating copious amounts of small flat round 'cakes' made from batter than celebrating Valentine's Day.

Perhaps it is the seemingly endless variety of toppings to accompany pancakes that gets people so excited?

Hhhmmmm, chocolate...

Join Jade Callaway and Misty McCready in BFBS Cyprus for competitive pancake tossing. Below is Jade's attempt but who won?

Jade’s turn now for the pancake flipping extravaganza! ???

Posted by BFBS Cyprus on Monday, 12 February 2018


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