Want to listen to Forces Radio on the go but don't know how? Hear us by downloading the free BFBS app, listening online at www.bfbs.com/radio or via your TV on Freesat 786 and Sky 0211.

The app allows you to listen to BFBS anywhere, anytime. Connect to Bluetooth in your car or switch on wifi wherever possible. Or listen online or via your TV at home or at work.

Forces Radio BFBS’s UK national service delivers a great mix of music, news and information!

But where can I download the app I hear you ask?

If you have an iPhone click here > http://apple.co/1NPLjVw or if you have an Android mobile click > http://bit.ly/1TZFixd

We welcome any feedback, Simply email us at bfbsradio@bfbs.com