While the spotlight is on the wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel who are competing in the Invictus Games, let’s not forget the Canadians who are hosting the event.

On the streets of Toronoto there is a real buzz of excitement in the air, even more-so at the venues.

"It's a phenomenal event. It's improving visibility of all people with disabilities and their abilities and I think it's a real eye opener for everyone around the world."

Forces Radio BFBS' Cassidy Little has been speaking with some of the local Canadians about how it feels to host the games in their home city.

"It's amazing to see all these men and women who fought for what they believe in and for my freedoms and they're still here doing what they do and giving it 100%. That's amazing and I'm so proud to be Canadian today."

Are they as excited as we are? Find out above...

Side note, should Hal and Cassidy be allowed in front of the camera? Make your mind up by watching until the end...