This comedian's dramatic transformation from overweight to pure muscle in less than a year has given him a new lease of life and in the interview above we asked him to explain exactly how he did it.

The before and after photos show just how far Maff Brown, real name Matthew James Brown, has come since the start of 2017 when he decided enough was enough. It was time to ditch the bad habits he had developed while travelling to perform stand-up and return to his former, fitter self.

Maff owns his own award-winning comedy club 'Outside The Box' which takes its name from the fact that he used to play professional football for Brentford FC.

His career was cut short at just 20 when breaking his ankle meant he needed a new job. Maff tried his hand at coaching, a career which saw him working in Singapore and at Liverpool Football Club, as a technical analyst under the management of Gerard Houllier.

However, comedy was always calling and in 2005 Maff began performing, the rest, as they say, is history.

Maff found that while he enjoyed performing at gigs and travelling the world telling gags it did not all add up to a healthy lifestyle and the former fitness fanatic began piling on the pounds.

"You spend a lot of time on the roads eating pizzas and drinking booze."

At the beginning of 2017, Maff knew he needed a drastic lifestyle transformation, so he decided to lose around four stone and turn his body to pure muscle. A reunion with his friends from university gave him the boost he needed to get back in shape.

"When I turned up they all looked exactly like we did at university and I looked like their Dad. When I saw the photos I just thought 'oh God, is that really what I look like?'"

Hear how Maff went through a gruelling program, changed his eating patterns and dedicated himself to his new goal.

Maff has previously worked with CSE Events and Entertainment performing his comedy for British troops. But has his dramatic weight loss affected his ability to make people laugh?

"I have found there are certain jokes that don't work and certain subjects, so I have to tailor it [my routine] a little bit better."

If you want to know what to eat, how many calories a day and the degree of training required to get physically fit in a short space of time then you need to listen to this interview.

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