A visit from Team GB high jumper Dalton Grant with Forces Live Events (CSE) helped HMS Excellent in Portsmouth celebrate International Day.

The event helped highlight the many diverse cultures that make up Defence Medical Group South (DMG South).

The unit is very proud of its inclusive nature and as such, unit personnel from 16 different countries showed off their respective nation by wearing traditional dress and serving some of their best-known food.

Representatives from each country gave a presentation about their culture and history as well as being available to answer questions.

Forces Radio BFBS presenter Adam Powney attended the event and spoke with the Commanding Officer of the Medical Group, Wing Commander Emma Redman.

CSE Events and Entertainment arranged for former Team GB high jumper, Dalton Grant, to motivate and inspire the diverse minds at the event.

 “In life there's always going to be ignorance and people who don’t share what you believe, you have to be true to yourself and work with it.”

Dalton Grant related to those in the audience, as he can see similarities in his training, to the day-to-day life of those in the Armed Forces.

“Resilience, dedication, sacrifice and to be honest to yourself.”

Adam Powney caught up with Dalton and asked more about his training experience, while at the top of his game, on the world stage, jumping for Great Britain.

Dalton Grant wanted to do more than just talk on stage so in the afternoon he surrounded himself by the different cultures within DMG South.

"The importance of today, is learning about different cultures, so that you can appreciate people and understand why they do things in a different way" - Dalton Grant

It was a celebration of culture, a chance to show off their diversity and more so, it was a learning experience, all organised by the Juniors of DMG South.

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