Helping Soldiers Overcome Their Mental Health Issues

The British Army's Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) has been explaining the many ways they help personnel get their careers back on track when they experience mental health issues. 

Forces Radio BFBS Presenter, Chris Sturgess, has been talking to Major Fiona Cameron-Green, Officer Commanding DCMH, on the many reasons soldiers contact her department and the solutions they offer through their confidential service.

DCMH is made up of a team of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses who deal with around 80 referrals a month.

"What we're responsible for is the assessment and treatment of soldiers and the aim is to return them back to their jobs as quick as possible".

The team at DCMH are finding that a lot of trauma is coming through due to the British Army's time in Afghanistan.

"What blokes tend to do is they store it up so they'll keep hold of it and keep hold of it and then something will take and it will break and then they'll come forward."

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One in four people will have a mental health disorder in their lifetime and sometimes the most difficult thing is to get soldiers through the door and on a path to recovery.

"A soldier will think that they're going to be downgraded, that they're going to be med-boarded out of the army. There's a lot of stigma still in the unit about coming to this place.

"I'd say it's a bit like if you broke your leg you definitely want it fixed. You're not going to hobble on it for the next six months so the sooner you do it, the better it is."

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