Carol Vorderman takes the plunge in a skydive with The Tigers

Carol Vorderman screamed with joy as she plunged through rainbow-glistening clouds after she jumped out of a plane at 12,000ft for her first skydive.

The 56-year-old presenter and legend of TV’s Countdown told British Forces Broadcasting Services’ presenter Chris Keen that she felt totally safe with the 1PWRR Tigers Free Fall Parachute Display Team.

Thrill-seeker Carol described the team – the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’s display team - as “the best people in the world” after she fulfilled a lifetime ambition in a tandem descent on Friday, July 28.

Carol told BFBS radio presenter Chris Keen that she had enjoyed “one of the best days ever” with The Tigers at Headcorn in Kent.


Carol gets ready to jump
Carol gets ready to jump

She later posted pictures on social media – playfully sticking her tongue out in a pose for the camera before the jump – and other photographs of her during the dive which she posted on Twitter.

Anyone who missed the interview can listen to Carol’s excitement in the clip below, as she tells Chris how she loves the adrenaline of being up in the skies above.

She said: “I am so happy, one of the best days ever.

“It was just extraordinary. It was thrilling but also beautiful.

“The freefall bit is very noisy, very loud, that’s what you remember and your arms are extended out and you can’t really move them very much.

“I was just screaming all the way down with joy and then when the parachute deployed, it’s just silence.”

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Carol told how she was used to having her head in the clouds as she is a pilot – and she is the first female honorary Group Captain for the RAF Air Cadets.

She told Chris: “We were just above the base cloud. As I pilot, I fly, so I love being just above the clouds, it’s like my favourite place in the world."

Carol Vorderman glides down through the clouds
Carol enjoys the sound of silence after the rush of the jump

She added: "So to be in it, without an engine, you’re just hanging there, and coming down through the clouds and we saw a halo which is like a small circular rainbow in the cloud, and shining down on to all the raindrops in it and being reflected back and that’s what we see and it’s just beautiful.

“I’ve only ever seen that once as a pilot and then to come down through the cloud, it’s just stunning."

Carol Vorderman teamed up with 1PWRR Tigers Free Fall Parachute Display Team
Carol teamed up with 1PWRR Tigers Free Fall Parachute Display Team

Carol told BFBS that she had planned to do the jump last year and fly over in her own plane but the event was postponed after tornadoes swept through Germany.

She said she wasn’t scared in the build up to the jump, saying she was “more excited than scared” because she loves being in the air so much.

She said if she was also put at ease because she was jumping with the “best people in the world” so she wasn’t worried at all.

The decision to do the jump was “touch and go” as the weather looked like it might put paid to the plans but as the day unfolded, a clear window of weather opened up and Carol went ahead – smiling all the way down as she glided down through the clouds.

Her advice to other people wanting to have a go was to just “do it”.

She said: “Don’t be a ‘don’t-er’ be a ‘do-er’ – just say yes to everything. We’re only here once. If you don’t like it, say ‘no’ a second time."

Chris Keen talked to Carol Vorderman about her skydive
Chris Keen spoke to Carol Vorderman about her adrenaline-rush skydive