Trying to shoot a target from 200m is hard enough without having to sprint 100m to get there, lie down then take the shot.

You might be out of breath but you are still expected to hit the target. This is when training mixed with a bit of healthy competition comes in handy.

During a five-day Operational Shooting Competition at the Tutong Range, members from all parts of British Forces Brunei took part firing rifles and pistols from a variety of distances and under different, difficult conditions.

WO2 Dwayne Tucker, Small Arms School Corps, Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor (QMSI) British Forces Brunei explains why this is not just an average day at the shooting range:

“This competition has been run with the main aim of raising the already high standards of shooting within BFB, but it also gives us the opportunity to select the best possible firers to represent 2RGR at the Operational Shooting Competition in Bisley this year.”

The clip below shows a fun, team shoot-out that involves lying down, sprinting, then lying again to take the shot; the first team to knock down all the targets win.

Garrison Support Troop won the ‘Falling Plate’ competition, while the overall team winners for the week were Support Company from 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles (2RGR).

Rifleman Suraj Gurung from 2 RGR won the overall rifle and pistol competition. The Officer in charge of education in British Forces Brunei, Captain Marcus Howe SO3 ETS said:

“It’s been great because not only is the 2RGR Company competing, there’s actually Garrison Support Troops and for us as Support Troops it’s fantastic because we really get included and we really get amongst it with the guys and surprisingly we’re actually very competitive.”

Medals and trophies were handed out by the Commanding Officer of 2RGR and British Forces Brunei, Colonel Jamie Murray.

Operational Shooting Competition British Forces Brunei Tutong Range Guns Rifles Pistols 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles 2RGR Credit James Measom

Although not shooting at this event, much to the relief of those competing, SSgt Khagendra Tamang, Brunei Signal Troop, Queen’s Gurkha Signals was one of the organizers and has been selected, awaiting confirmation, to represent Great Britain at Shooting in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. SSgt Khagendra Tamang said:

“The army is supporting me at the moment because I have been to UK for competitions and been to Germany and recently been to Netherlands."

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