A new purpose built facility has opened for St Christopher's Foundation Stage 1 and 2, alongside Sunflowers for children aged 0-3. Since April 30th of this year, the infant school has been relocated to HELM Point in Four Corners, Gibraltar. 

A change like this does not happen over night, and an official opening ceremony has been held to thank everybody involved, it also gave people the opportunity to look around the new building. You can hear what people thought of the ceremony above.

The Governor of Gibraltar was among the guests to open the school. Photo Credit: Cpl Hammond

The sun was shining as the children sang 'We're so proud of our school' to open the ceremony which was well attended by many members of the British Forces Community.

His excellency the Governor of Gibraltar Lieutenant General Edward Davis, the Commander of British Forces Gibraltar Commodore Tim Henry and Mr Rowley Bucknill, ACEO, MOD Schools gave their thanks to the hard work put in by all involved in making the new school a reality.

CBF Cdre Tim Henry and HE the Governor of Gibraltar Lt Gen Ed Davis. Photo Credit: Cpl Hammond

The children were also presented with their end of year certificates and they had the privilege of shaking hands (or getting a high five!) from the Governor and CBF.

Mr Rowley Bucknill spoke of the importance of education:

"If you give children a flying start in life - you give them the building blocks - research shows that they will flourish and that is what we aim to try to achieve here at St Christopher's."

Visitors were then invited to join the children to look around the new facility and enjoy a delicious buffet before tucking into a beautifully hand-crafted cake of the school baked by Tricia Thompson-Darch.

school cake
An edible replica of the school. Photo credit: Cpl Hammond

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