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Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, please.

We have a winner of our Grand Champions competition.

For weeks now listeners to UK bases breakfast shows have been emailing in with answers to questions like which bit of military kit would you associate with 'Little Willie'?

The answer is a prototype of the British Mark 1 tank for anyone who is interested.

Hundreds of people entered with the hope of winning £1,000. I mean, who doesn't want to win £1,000?

Turns out lots of people do which is pretty cool.

The lucky winner who was drawn out of the hat at random is...

There is no way of prolonging this reveal in an article, this is not The X Factor.

Congratulations SSGT COLIN FAIRES FROM SANDHURST, today you have won £1,000 and we salute you.

WATCH THE DRAW BELOW by Forces Radio BFBS' Richard Wyeth, Luke Dodington from the Army Men's Squash Team & Yvette Ashman, Army Squash Chairman.

Picture: rawpixel.com

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