Motorsports presenter Suzi Perry delivers a powerful message to armed forces personnel heading home from deployment in a hard-hitting video on the realities of service life.

The video, issued by the Ministry of Defence and containing some graphic footage, aims to give members of the armed forces an idea of what they might face when they come back home after operational theatres and advice on how to cope.

Suzi Perry delivers a strong message in the video

Suzi, well known as a motorcycle speedway, MotoGP and BT Sport presenter, says: “Remember, you’ve been away – nobody apart from the guys who’ve shared your experience can really understand what you’ve had to deal with.

“But being home alone can be hard too – bills, kids, washing machines, worrying about you perhaps.”

Suzi advises personnel to take time to get back into a routine but also to get some rest and get some sleep.

The video portrays the contrast of what personnel might imagine their homecoming to be like against some of the realities of life in the armed forces when returning home - everything from talking to children to going out with mates.

Even the risks of ending up in car crashes through bravado with friends is a talking point in the film - with some graphic images of what might happen as a result.

Going Home video crash footage

Lukewarm responses from children, the frustrations of daily family life and coping with the differences between the challenges of deployment and the challenges of home life are discussed in the short film as Suzi talks through some of the issues.

Other advice is given throughout the film – on the risks of turning to alcohol, the questions you might be asked by family and friends and some of the other tough issues a serving member of the armed forces might face on their return home, like coping with noise, dreams or memories.

The message is simple but strong: Try not to worry about it, give yourself a bit of time to adjust, talk to those you trust, and get help when you need it.

Suzi also says: “Look after your buddies too. You looked after each other in theatre so look after each other back home.”