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Prepare yourself for some exciting news.

Forces Radio BFBS is returning to national DAB digital radio.

Yes, you read that right, we are returning as a DAB+ station on January 24.

As the forces broadcaster, we entertain, inform and connect the British Forces community worldwide.

Even if we do say so ourselves, Forces Radio BFBS broadcasts a superb line-up of leading shows, which have been continuing online, via the free app, online at and on digital TV.

How can YOU listen to us on DAB+?

Forces Radio BFBS National DAB Digital Radio DAB+ Station UK Nicky Smith

Nicky Ness, Director of Forces Broadcasting and Entertainment for Forces Network states;

“We’re excited to be back as a national digital channel from January and are delighted with the opportunities that DAB+ has opened up for us.

"Our listeners told us how disappointed they were when we came off Digital One earlier in 2017 but as the platform is entirely funded by charitable means, we’ve been working hard to find the best value alternative.

"I’m so pleased we've been selected by Sound Digital to join the D2 community, where our unique blend of military news, features and conversation, eclectic music and an ad-free environment will deliver something a little different. It’s even more poignant to be re-launching in our 75th year as the Forces Broadcaster.”

Forces Radio BFBS is entirely funded by charitable means so when this new opportunity on DAB+ opened up for us we jumped at the chance to get ourselves back on the Sound Digital (D2) national platform - and were delighted the multiplex owners selected us to be one of their stations.

We will be launching on DAB+ on January 24 so let the countdown begin.

This is the exciting lineup listeners will be able to hear on DAB+ from January 24...

Hatch and Geere on Breakfast: Former Magic co-host Verity Geere and forces favourite Richard Hatch will be waking up the nation with everything new since yesterday and getting members of the forces community involved – and in turn – spying on their record-breaking, charity fundraising and sporting feats.

Big Shows: Singer/songwriter Jay James joins forces with our own hilarious Hal Stewart. Every day brings its own unique gifts on this show, from celebrity interviews to joining the boys on their travels around the UK on their ‘Big Show Big Days Out,’ visiting the Forces in their own surroundings with plenty of off the wall humour and great music.

Totally Connected: The pick of the forces stories from around the globe, competitions, guests and fun, to make the working day pass a little quicker.

Amy Casey: Our own tame antipodean getting in amongst it on her travels to bases round the UK and following the lives of forces personalities worldwide. And she plays music too - blimey mate, that’s amazing.

Sitrep: The award-winning weekly defence analysis programme that invites experts from the military, academic and political worlds to analyse, explain and, crucially, anticipate developments in the fields of defence and foreign affairs. Hosted by Kate Gerbeau with resident defence expert Christopher Lee.

Forces News: The latest national, international and news about the UK Armed Forces, live on the hour EVERY hour from our own newsroom.

Forces Sport: Every Monday with the BFBS Sports+ team reflecting the cream of the week’s forces sporting action worldwide.

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