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Do you have something you've always wanted to ask about pensions or debt?

If burning questions like can I keep my mobile phone contract if I’m posted to Cyprus or should I be planning a private pension for when I leave the forces are keeping you up at night, Forces Money Week is here to help.

Below you can watch the #ForcesMoneyWeek special which focused on mortgages.

LIVE: #ForcesMoneyWeek

LIVE: Join us for #ForcesMoneyWeek as we discuss mortgage advice on today's show. Comment below if you have any questions you'd like answered...

Posted by BFBS Radio on Wednesday, 18 October 2017


This week a team of financial experts will join Richard Hutchinson on Forces Radio BFBS & on Facebook Live to answer your questions.

From pensions to debt, investments to mortgages. If you have something you want to ask email

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Below is the #ForcesMoneyWeek special dedicated to debt and savings with Rob Lovesey, the Marketing Manager at Plane Saver Credit Union.

#ForcesMoneyWeek: Debts & Savings

LIVE: Join us for #ForcesMoneyWeek as we help with your money concerns. Comment below if you have a question.

Posted by BFBS Radio on Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Each day from 12:45pm UKT join us live all week on your radio and through Facebook as we answer your money questions from around the forces world. Each day we will be tackling a different subject.

Below you can watch the #ForcesMoneyWeek Facebook Live about insurance which is military friendly with Keith Frampton from Forces Insurance

LIVE: #ForcesMoneyWeek. We’re here to answer your financial questions. Email

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Find out more about getting MoneyFit with MoneyForce, a service provided by the Royal British Legion.

Below is the financial planning #ForcesMoneyWeek special which also focused on how the Armed Forces Covenant can help you.

#ForcesMoneyWeek: Financial Planning

LIVE: Join us for another #ForcesMoneyWeek special, this time focusing on how to manage your finances and the Armed Forces Covenant. Comment below with your questions. Visit where you'll find further information.

Posted by BFBS Radio on Thursday, 19 October 2017


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