It was an emotional night for one piper at the annual Anglo-German reception held at medieval Sparrenburg Castle in the city of Bielefeld, Germany.

The Commander of British Forces Germany Brigadier Ian Bell feels strongly that events like this have a big part to play in bringing together the military and non military communitities.

"I think it's really important that at least once a year we demonstrate... just how important we judge the relationship with them and how we say thank you for the support they've given us over the last year or so."

As the sunset over the Teutoburger ridge, Pipe Major Davy Muir climbed 150 steps to the top of the tower which overlooks the castle and its grounds to pipe as the evening began.

For him, playing solo at the top of the tower held an extra poignancy. The tower overlooked the hospital which, not so long ago, saved his life.

"In 2015 I was diagnised with two brain tumours. Thanks to some nifty German engineering just the other side of the tower at the Gilead Hospital, I've been sorted out. This tower was framed in my hospital window, it was pretty emotional."

The Band Of The Royal Corps Of Signals also performed several rousing numbers including both the Germany and British national anthems after being flown over from their base at RAF Cosford in the UK.

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