Mike Klidjian Former Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Author Bluestreak Jack Browne Black And White

Up until October last year, Mike Klidjian was an officer in the Royal Navy as Second in Command of a Type 45 Destroyer in charge of 270 sailors.

Now he is the published author of the “addictively relentless” Jack Browne series which “crams pace and action with the technical accuracy that only someone who has experienced modern warfare at sea can deliver.”

Mike joined Verity Geere and Richard Hatch on Forces Radio BFBS to chat about his nine-month journey from an exciting rewarding career in the Royal Navy to discovering his passion and talent for writing.

Mike joined the Royal Navy in April 1999 to satisfy his strong desire to travel the world.

His career eventually took him around the world to places like the Gulf, the Far East, Russia and the USA and ended on a high with him being second in command of the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless during a busy Gulf deployment.

"Quickly got into everything exciting, boys own adventures everywhere.

"It was a dream career, every job I could possibly want to do and I loved every minute of it."

After retiring from the Senior Service in October 2017 Mike didn't know where he wanted his career to go.

While on a transition course offered to him by the MOD which is designed to help ex-military men and women find a job on civvy street he discovered there were a lot of jobs he didn't want to do.

A career in management, insurance or banking didn't tick the boxes for Mike so he decided he had to rethink a few things.

"I kind of during that week realised I would have to think very differently and very out of the box."

He used his resettlement grant to pay for a creative writing course and rapidly he discovered he had a real talent for writing.

Nine months after leaving the Royal Navy Mike has written and published ‘Bluestreak: A Jack Browne Novel’ which he describes as a modern-day Hornblower, a series of novels by C.S.Forester about a Royal Navy officer set during the Napoleonic War.

"Everybody I've spoken to says why has no one done that before?"

Bluestreak's protagonist Jack Browne has been written with one clear task in mind.

"I wanted to create a character that was in depth but also was real because there's a lot of action characters out there who are sort of one dimension."

Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce says of the book:

“[Jack Browne] swings into action on the first page. He is instantly recognisable as an authentic naval hero for today's dangerous world, but his initiative and daring would also not have been out of place in Nelson’s Navy.”

Watch the full interview with Mike below...

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