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If you are obsessed with music and love discovering new things about your favourite artists then the Big Wednesday Show has something shiny and new for you.

Jay James and Hal Stewart's feature 'This Day In Music' features former musician, author and music historian Neil Cossar.

Neil's website This Day In Music is a gold mine which regularly mines nuggets of musical gems.

Every week Neil will pick out, uncover and discuss three significant things that happened on this day from the world of popular music.

If you love all things that get you moving, do not miss the show live from 4-7pm UK time on Forces Radio BFBS.

Below is what has happened so far or should we say 'This Day In Music'...

21st March 2018

Picture: U2 in Brussels by Remy /

14th March 2018

Picture: Jake Bugg / Flickr / Drew de F Fawkes

21st February 2018

Picture: Otis Redding

14th February 2018

Pic: Queen / Wiki / Electra Records

24th January 2018

Pic: Neil Diamond / Wiki / Gresbek

10th January 2018

Pic: Rod Stewart / Flickr / Bruce Tuten

20th December 2017

Pic: Shaun Ryder / Flickr / Rob Annis

15th November 2017

25th October 2017

Pic: Michael Jackson / Wiki / Casta03

18th October 2017

Pic: Adele / Flickr / marcen27

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