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What is DAB+?

DAB+ is a more efficient addition to the current DAB system.

Is DAB+ different to DAB?

Yes! DAB+ is a relatively new addition to radio platforms in the UK, offering capacity for even more stations and benefits like advanced audio encoding and—as technology progresses—a wealth of new innovation and choice, including staying connected to your favourite Forces Radio BFBS.

So how do I know if my radio can receive DAB+?

A DAB+ Radio can be clearly identified if it bears the DAB+ logo. You may still be able to receive DAB+ on a radio without the logo, but you will need to consult your manufacturer’s documentation.  In addition, many new cars have DAB+ as standard.

Okay, I have a DAB+ radio. What do I need to do now?

Hopefully nothing! Many radios auto-tune to new stations automatically, but some may need to retuned manually.

If Forces Radio BFBS is missing from your DAB+ radio, try following these instructions to manually retune.

This bit is important - to find us you will need to search for Forces Radio BFBS and not BFBS.

Is DAB+ available right across the UK?

Not entirely. There are still some parts of the UK that do not have blanket coverage on DAB+, for example, some areas of rural Scotland, Wales, East Anglia and the West Country.

You can find out if Forces Radio BFBS is available on DAB+ in your location using Digital Radio's Online Coverage Checker.

The good news is that extra transmitters are being added all the time and many of these areas should be covered by the end of 2018.

Keep checking...

I’ve followed all the instructions but still can’t receive Forces Radio BFBS on DAB+?

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of other ways to listen to us.

Listen Online

You can listen to Forces Radio BFBS online right here on the Forces Network.

On your digital set top box

In the UK, you can also listen to Forces Radio BFBS on Sky guide 0211 or Freesat channel 786.

Get the BFBS App

You can listen to all of Forces Radio BFBS' stations and streams anywhere, anytime using our app.
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Still having trouble listening?

You can contact our Service Desk for advice and information by email or by telephone on +44 (0)203 750 4567.