An Elizabeth Cross has been posthumously awarded to the family of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Collier who was shot dead by a terrorist in 1958 during the Cyprus Emergency.

The Cyprus Emergency began in April 1955 after Greek Cypriot nationalist group EOKA launched a series of attacks on British troops and police.

371 soldier, sailors and airmen were killed plus 21 British police officers. The attacks finally ended in April 1959, a year before the island was granted independence.

Forces Radio BFBS Aldershot's Natasha Reneaux spoke to Brigadier Phil Kimber, Commander 11th Infantry Brigade about the awful day in 1958 when Lt Col Collier was shot.

“He was working in Cyprus and was actually murdered by a terrorist whilst he was tending the back garden of his married quarter.”

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The sterling silver cross is awarded to the family of servicemen and women who have died on active service since the Second World War.

The Lord Lieutenant of Surrey presented the award to Lieutenant Colonel Collier’s eldest Grandson Mark Collier at a ceremony in Aldershot.

“Up until now there’s not really been any official recognition of the people that lost their lives in the Cyprus Emergency as it was called.

“Their names are engraved in stone at various memorials around the world but now the government has now officially recognised the people that gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

At the time of his death, Lt Col Collier was working as the Assistant Director Supply and Transport in Middle East Land Forces in Episkopi.

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