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With 'The Crown' being one of Netflix's most successful TV series, it's crucial that its writers get the best advice possible on the accuracy of its storylines.

Step in Major David Rankin-Hunt CVO MBE KCN TD, a decorated military figure who worked for the Royal Household for more than 30 years.

In his role as series adviser, Major Rankin-Hunt ensures the accuracy of the storylines for every episode. He said:

"The combination of the Army, the Household Division, the Royal Household for 33 years and all the things I did in the Household, I think, allowed me to be qualified... to be an advisor for The Crown."

Watch the full interview with #HatchAndGeere on Forces Radio BFBS below...

Major David Rankin-Hunt

This is the man who advises on Netflix "The Crown" the most expensive TV show ever made ! Here's Major David Rankin-Hunt talking to #hatchandgeere about #TheCrown

Posted by BFBS Radio on Tuesday, 9 January 2018


The multi-million-pound award-winning drama series goes deep inside the private world of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.

The series centres around a newlywed Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed by Claire Foy, as she enters a new daunting era of her life, taking the throne after her father King George VI's death in 1952.


Major David Rankin-Hunt explained to Richard Hatch and Verity Geere on Forces Radio BFBS the kind of things he would advise on, from making sure the props and clothes were authentic and factually correct down to the smallest detail.

"We constantly see on television people playing the part of an officer or a soldier wearing uniform and so often they get it wrong.

"They wear berets like pancakes. They have the wrong medals or the ribbons are in the wrong order."

"Very often I think the credibility of a production… is affected if they get all this detail wrong because people then think 'it's so bad they haven't bothered to get this right'."

You won't find any spoilers here but we will say that the second series of The Crown sees some of the most controversial storylines yet. Major Rankin-Hunt admitted there were some he worried about:

"Let's just say that there were one or two little storylines which I was concerned about."

"I represented those views to the directors. In certain cases, they had reservations themselves but ultimately the writer, Peter Morgan, has the final say on the script."

One thing that many fans of The Crown would like to know is whether Her Majesty The Queen has watched the show.

"I have no idea whether any member of the Royal family has watched it but what I can say is that senior ex-colleagues of mine who have been very complimentary about it and said how much they enjoy it and I think reflects well on the production."

There was much speculation on Christmas Day 2017 that Her Majesty The Queen referenced the second series of The Crown in her Christmas Day speech - but there has not been any confirmation from Buckingham Palace.

Two more series have been confirmed and Major Rankin-Hunt will work on those too.

It has also been confirmed that Olivia Coleman will replace Claire Foy as Her Majesty The Queen.

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