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It is time for another fantastic competition.

You could win big with Forces Radio BFBS Germany’s ‘COW PAT KARAOKE’, yes, cow pat karaoke, you read that correctly.

This competition will give you the chance to win big with Grant & Green Jaguar Landrover of Sennelager.

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Will moooooooooooo win?

The winner will receive:

  • Accommodation in the Efteling hotel’s “Cinderella Suite” for 3 nights including breakfast.
  • 4 days park entry at Theme park Efteling.
  • Accommodation is for two adults and two children
  • €200 Gift card for use at the resort (Can be used for meals or other park facilities)
  • Use of either a Landrover or Jaguar vehicle from Grant and Green to drive themselves to and from the park. Comprehensive insurance and a full tank of fuel is included.
  • Parking is free of charge at the hotel.
  • Guests will enjoy early entrance to the park 30 minutes earlier than day visitors.
  • Also included 2x kids goodie bags, and a bottle of Efteling bubbly for the adults

The 3-night stay may be taken on either 23rd/24th/25th July 2018 for three nights or 20th/21st/22nd August 2018 for three nights. The dates are not transferable. (N.B. the prize is a Monday to Wednesday package during the UK school summer holiday)

The prize is donated as a package by Grant & Green Ltd in Sennelager.

Please note, the prize does not include the following, and any associated costs are the responsibility of the winner:

  • Travel costs to/from BFBS Sennelager;
  • Use of the hotel's facilities which require payment including i.e. Meals not listed as included in the prize, mini-bar and other chargeable room services.
Efteling Hotel Cinderella Suite Themed Room Pumpkin Cauldron

‘Cow Pat Karaoke’ will begin on the Forces Radio BFBS Germany Breakfast show on Tuesday 8th May 2018 and will end on-air on Friday 1st June 2018. ‘Cow Pat Karaoke’ will run on the Forces Radio BFBS Germany Breakfast, morning, afternoon and drive shows (where applicable) between 8 and 9am and between 3 and 4pm weekdays (for the length of the competition). BFBS Radio reserves the right to include extra rounds of the competition in other shows during its run.

‘Cow Pat Karaoke’ will be a two-stage competition

Stage One starts on May 8 and will last until May 31, 2018. Listeners will be invited on-air live to sing the next word of a song being played by the on-air presenter. If the word is sung correctly (ie, correct lyrics and within the allocated time), the caller will be entered into the draw for stage two. If the listener is unable to successfully sing the next word of the song correctly, they will not progress to round two but may be selected to take part again by the random caller number generator.

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Stage Two will be on Friday June 1, 2018 and will see all successful listeners from stage one, allocated a number on a grid. This grid will be clearly marked and fenced off on a field on a farm. Each square on the grid will be allocated a number. At this point, a live cow will be introduced to the fenced-off grid area. The cow will then wander around the field, eating grass and doing what dairy cows do. At some point, the cow will answer the ‘call of nature’. The location of the majority of the cow-pat within a square on the grid will generate a competition winner.

Aerial Shot Cows Field Green Grass Credit Pexels.com Stephan Müller

The Eligibility Criteria

In order to claim the prize, the winner must:

  • Hold a current MOD ID card, or equivalent for dependants or MOD UK contractors/civilians and base at one of the UK military bases in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands;
  • Be over 18 years of age, eligible to drive tax free vehicles and be in possession of a valid driving licence; and
  • Be available to collect the vehicle from Forces Radio, BFBS studios, Sennelager on an agreed date ready to drive to Paris.  Actual pick up/drop off times will be agreed with the winner.

Note: The winner will be asked to provide proof of ID and driving licence before the prize can be taken.  

How to Enter

To enter the competition, BFBS Germany listeners must email winbig@bfbs.com to register IN ADVANCE.  Please include your name, place of work and a day-time telephone number which we can contact you on.  You only need to register once and you will be in with a chance of being selected at random each day the competition takes place.

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The Competition Rules

There will only be one overall winner who will claim the prize. During stage one, on-air callers will be played a randomly selected, but well-known chart song from the period 1982 – present. They will be invited to sing (as best they can) along to that track and, at some stage, a missing word will occur. The caller will need to sing that missing word, correctly and accurately, within 3 seconds. There is no penalty for bad or tuneless singing. All successful callers will immediately be allocated a number by the presenter. These numbers will be issued in chronological order, successful caller by successful caller, staring with number 1, followed by number 2 and so on until the last caller on the final part of stage one of ‘Cow Pat Karaoke’ on Thursday 31st May 2018.

Note:  If a person does not answer their telephone when they are contacted, they will miss the opportunity to take part at that time (and another name will be drawn); however, their name will remain in the draw and there is a possibility they may be drawn again.  As the draw is random, there is the possibility that a person may be contacted and invited to take part on more than one occasion.  

A list of successful caller’s names and their allocated number will then be displayed on the BFBS Germany Facebook page ready for stage two.

Stage two will see the action move to a farm in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, which has kindly agreed to help us with this. A grid, marked with chalk spray will be marked upon a grass field at this farm with evenly spaced and sized numbers representing one for each successful caller from stage one. The exact number of grid squares will only be known by close of play on Thursday 31st May 2018. The grid will be bounded by a fence allowing the cow to roam freely across the entire grid area.

At this point a cow will be introduced to the grid area by the farmer. BFBS reserves the right to introduce more than one cow to the field at any point on advice from the farmer.

The cow(s) will then roam the field enjoying the grass. The farmer and a BFBS Staff representative will remain, at a short distance, to observe the action. The BFBS Staff Representative will provide regular live links into the on-air show back in Germany and will also broadcast Facebook Live updates technology permitting onto the BFBS Germany Facebook page.

Neither the farmer or the BFBS Staff Representative shall influence the position of the cow(s) within the field at any time by making noise or excess movement etc. Obviously the farmer retains the right to enter the field at any point for agricultural reasons or if the animal(s) are in distress etc.

As soon as the first cow deposits a cow pat, the BFBS Representative will call the BFBS Germany studio and go live on-air and on Facebook Live before they enter the grid area of the field.

We will then cover the action live as they work out in which numbered square the cow has left the majority of the cow pat. The numbered square containing the majority (in terms of surface area covered) of the cow pat will be declared the winner of ‘Cow Pat Karaoke’.

In the event of the cow-pat being evenly spread over two or more numbered squares, the competitors in those squares will be allocated an area of the grid between them, ie, two squares involved would see the whole grid divided into two, three squares involved would see the whole grid areas divided into thirds and four squares involved would see the whole grid divided into quarters between those involved   . At this stage a new cow will be introduced to the field in order to keep the process moving.

BFBS reserves the right to introduce more cows to the field if needed, but the first cow to ‘perform’ and release its cow pat will dictate the winner as above.

The on-air radio presenter in Germany will then call the winner live on-air to let them know and get their reaction. If they don’t answer the call or are unavailable, we will endeavour to contact them again throughout the day. Their right to claim the prize is no affected by unavailability on Friday June 1st.

Throughout Stages one and two, all calls will take place live on air and individuals are reminded not to swear or use other inappropriate language.   

By taking part in this competition you accept these terms and conditions and, if you win, you agree to take part in interviews and for your name and image to be used by Forces Radio BFBS as well as Grant & Green Ltd for promotional material which may be broadcast or published on digital and social media platforms.  The exact details of this will be arranged with the winner and will include (but not be limited to) photos, video & interview with BFBS on collection of the vehicle and potentially afterwards when returning the vehicle.  

Personal Data

The personal data in your email (e.g. email address, name and address) will not be shared with 3rd parties, with the exception of the winner who will be required to provide details to the Grant & Green Ltd for the purpose of arranging vehicle insurance, and the hotel for the purpose of checking in. You should visit these organisations websites to view their privacy policies.

Personal information received by BFBS will be kept for no more than three calendar months and will then be deleted. We may contact you by email, before the data is deleted, to invite you to take part in the BFBS satisfaction survey.

Note: These supplementary rules should be read in conjunction with BFBS standard Competition Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.

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