The Band of the Coldstream Guards has treated Forces Radio BFBS to a special rendition of the Game of Thrones theme tune.

Despite being one of the oldest bands in the British Army, having been formed in 1785, its musicians like to keep things up-to-date through renditions of current works as well as the more traditional ones.

One of the Army's best-known ensembles, they take part in a number of duties throughout the year, such as the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which marks the official birthday of the Queen, the Changing of the Guard, the Festival of Remembrance and Beating the Retreat.

All The Pomp And Pageantry From Trooping The Colour
2015's Trooping the Colour ceremony

Based at Wellington Barracks in St. James's, London, along with all of the other guards bands, this outfit 'flies the flag' around the world, visiting battalions stationed abroad and going on private and commercial tours.

In 2009 it even signed its own record deal, reportedly worth £1 million, with Decca Records - part of Universal Music Group.

Let us know what you think of the band's rendition of the famous Game of Thrones theme tune - just click the top video to watch!

One of the many highlights of its long and proud history includes becoming the first to visit North America, after travelling to Canada in 1903.

During the Second World War, meanwhile, their famous scarlet tunics were replaced by khaki, with the musicians doing important work encouraging the morale of troops and civilians throughout the country throughout the conflict.

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