Feel the Burn

MattDoesFitness has been interested in conditioning all his life from athletics to powerlifter and now he dedicates his gym time to the art of bodybuilding.

But could Matt contend with a military-style fitness test?

Find out in this exclusive and rare interview that Matt gave to Forces Radio BFBS's Hal Stewart:

Matt has been known on YouTube for a number of years, with some of his videos hitting incredibly high numbers. 1.4 million people watched him eat nothing but McDonald's food for a day.

The same number of viewers saw him consume 20,000 calories in a day and a truly astonishing 3.7 million have seen Matt do his own 'Man Vs Food Epic Cheat Day' when he ate 25,000 calories in 24 hours.

"Lots of bodybuilders have a super restrictive diet and so I think it's almost like a catharsis to watch someone else eat loads of bad food!"

Matt keeps these 'cheat days' to a fairly limited and select number each year, he does generally eat healthily, as he shares on his Instagram stories/feed daily.

Matt's 94,000 followers on Instagram have seen how he consumes an average of 5,000 calories a day, trains almost every day and puts his family forefront in both his quality time and his actual published videos.

His two-year-old son Luca is fast becoming an internet superstar in his own right.

Luca often features at the start of Matt's videos. So far he's imitated a Scottish highland warrior, directed Matt by car to a lap dance parlour and drank his own bodyweight in baby milk.

Of course, none of these things really happened but the humour Matt displays is there for all to see and Luca clearly loves the attention.

Squat that Matt
Squat that Matt

If you're a bodybuilder or just someone who likes to keep fit regularly in the gym, you'll be keen to hit your own personal goals.

Matt regularly publishes his squat personal bests alongside that of his chest press and deadlift.

He's a driven, dedicated and hardworking individual who loves to help others.

Matt offers advice for a range of people through his social media channels from weight loss to weight gain he knows the answer, even if it's sometimes really simple:

"Ultimately it does come down to your food intake, the reason people are not gaining muscle or gaining weight or gaining size is that they're not eating enough food."

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