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The Naval Families Federation (NFF) is looking into how military service impacts the mental health of Royal Navy and Royal Marine families.

Forces Radio BFBS' Chris Keen in Bahrain spoke to Jane Williams, Director of Operations and Families Engagement, who is asking for your help to make sure you are properly supported.

The NFF has submitted evidence provided by service families to the House Of Commons Defence Committee but are still looking to collect more information so here's your chance to get involved.

They need your thoughts by August 15 so head to to have your say.

"Originally the committee were focussing on provision just for serving personnel. However, they have now broadened that out.

"They understand the potential impact to service families and are now looking into moving into a more holistic way.

"So a really golden opportunity and one we would like families to be aware of..."

Want to know what else has been happening this month?

There are several offers in Homeport, the magazine of the Naval Families Federation.

You could win yourself a family ticket for a steamship cruise, there is a £150 voucher for JoJo Maman Bébé and you could get your hands on a Naval door cover from Forever Jack which will turn any door into a hatch on a ship.

There are plenty of travel offers this month so don't miss the opportunity to get yourself a bargain.

The National Express is offering members of the Armed Forces up to 60% off their travel with an MOD 90 ID card.

There are also offers from airlines, car parking and car hire discounts and more information about HM Forces Rail Cards.

Homeport Magazine
Homeport Magazine

Lastly, Jane spoke about the family days which have once again been a huge success this summer.

The introduction of a giant deck chair there has seen some brilliant pictures being shared online.

Giant Deck Chair

Jane will be back on Forces Radio BFBS next month for another Naval Families Federation update.

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