British Armed Forces personnel based in Brunei have put on a festival of the arts to showcase their talents in everything from rock n' roll to Khukuri dancing.

Glastonbill, a festival affectionately named after the Hornbill forces school in the Asian nation, staged the event to bring together the community for some entertainment.

Members of British Forces Brunei were encouraged to show off their talents, while people picnicked in the grounds of the school.

Performers included children cheerleading, teachers drumming and juggling and Gurkhas rocking the stage as the 'R&R Band', with 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles (2 RGR) pipers.

Teacher and organiser Simon Brown, speaking about the concept of Glastonbill, said the aim was to give people a chance to perform from the garrison community, adding:

"[The aim was for there to be] a mix of adults and children, so children can also see and be inspired by the adults performing…and also just to provide a really good evening of entertainment and enjoyment for the community."

Other performances included Nepali dancing, a martial arts display and many people singing and playing musical instruments, including Lance Corporal Gambu Sherpa from 2 RGR, who told Forces Network:

"Support Company is where I work during the day. During my leisure, that’s what I do; I enjoy music. I play lead-guitars, rhythm when needed and backing-vocals."

Stage at Glastonbill Brunei 2018

The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) had a food stall which was extremely popular, as was the stand of military charity SSAFA.

Festivals are renowned for bad weather but the rain held off, which pleased head teacher Craig Gill, who said as Glastonbill began:

"Really, really lovely turn-out…I am absolutely looking forward to it."

Ladies at Glastonbill 2018