The British Army's ocean-going yacht 'British Soldier' is currently lying in 8th place overall in the challenging 2018 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race but making its way around Scotland is not going to be plain sailing.

British Soldier, skippered by Major Will Naylor, is heading towards the Orkneys on its way back to Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Major Naylor has raced twice before in previous editions of the competition so knows from experience that the top of Scotland will be the most difficult part of the race.

“By then the crew are tired and the weather can get nasty. The food tends to get less exciting at that point too.”

Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race British Soldier Yacht Major Will Naylor Credit Royal Ocean Racing Club

Image: © British Soldier

Just after British Soldier rounded the bottom of Ireland, Major Naylor told Forces News in the clip at the top he is happy with the progress so far.

“The guys are getting plenty of rest but they’re working really hard when they’re on deck.

“The breeze is a bit tough but now it’s flattened out it’s a bit easier to get some sleep.”

Completing this challenging race means sailing 1,805 nautical miles non-stop until the finishing line. It will test even the finest competitors endurance.

It is so tough in fact that it is only held every four years.

28 boats from 18 different countries began the race on August, 12 and so far eight have retired to port.

Credit: Airwaves/NGR

The British Army has six ‘values and standards’ that all are required to live by - respect for others, courage, discipline, selfless commitment, integrity and loyalty.

All qualities that come in very useful when working together as a team out on the open sea.

Major Naylor says military training is very much a core part of their achievements.

“It epitomises what we do really. It’s about teamwork, there’s nowhere to hide and it’s pretty hierarchical and we’ve got to all pull together…”

Before heading off, Major Naylor spoke at the skippers briefing in Cowes and there was no hiding his competitive spirit in the clip below.

"We've had a good season so far and we're keen to build on those results and hopefully win overall, that's what we're here to do."

Credit: Airwaves/NGR

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