Attack helicopters perform some amazing manoeuvres

Civilian workers up and down the country might be celebrating that Friday feeling as they head into a bank holiday weekend but trust the British Army to deliver a spirit-lifting message to bolster their mood even more.

Pilots of the Attack Helicopter Display Team are filmed pulling off some spectacular manoeuvres in a Twitter post from the British Army’s official social media account.

To a soundtrack stirring enough to get the adrenaline racing, a helicopter gunship is seen performing some amazing aerial acrobatics – demonstrating the skills of the team’s pilots.

Almost a hundred people liked or retweeted the post within an hour of it going live with dozens of others rapidly adding to the engagement around the tweet.

The British Army posted the tweet linking to the popular hashtag #FridayFeeling – where twitter users express their happiness for the weekend to come mixed with the relaxing moods following exhaustion of the week’s workload.

The tweet comes soon after the display team entertained crowds at Wattisham Families’ Day before going on to the airshow and motoring Wings & Wheels event at Dunsfold Park in Surrey.

The displays are a visual extravaganza with simulated explosions and flames in a series of pyrotechnic shows as the pilots perform some amazing aerial feats and manoeuvres.

Attack helicopter display team performs some skills

In an earlier Facebook post, the team are seen performing in their Apache Helicopter during at demonstration at Yeovilton Air Day as a compare talks through a simulation of three successful strikes on an enemy target and other manoeuvres like 360 degree mid-air turns to show the incredible handling capabilities of the aircraft.

The team is quoted saying that it takes “great pride in flying what we think is the best helicopter in the world” adding that if you cannot wait to see them again, they can be watched on a great video of them in action at Yeovilton 2017.