British Army RLC boxing

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), soldiers in Aldershot have jumped in the ring to showcase their best boxers.

The Royal Logistic Corps Boxing Championship took place at St Omer Barracks Gym over four days, culminating in 12 exciting finals.

Richard Wyeth was there to capture the best of the action, which you can watch in the footage below.

The opening bout of the evening was at bantamweight, with Private Humm of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment (13 AA Sp Regt) getting the win following a second-round stoppage by the referee, after a standing count for Private Briggs of 6 Regiment RLC.

This was followed by a second win for 13 AA Sp Regt as the Boxer of the Night, Lance Corporal Stevenson, was given a unanimous win over Private Clark of 27 Regiment RLC in the Lightweight Bout.

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These two wins started a good night for the regiment as the men's team won the title after wins for Private Atkins in the light welterweight bout, over Private Hyatt of 6 Regiment RLC and in the super heavyweight class, with Lance Corporal Trupenny beating Private Bayliss of 4 Regiment through a stoppage.

27 Regiment RLC were the runners-up after wins for Private Parker-Kiamel in his middleweight bout, over Lance Corporal Fakhi of 3 Regiment.

They also saw Lance Corporal Harper beat Lance Corporal Rana in the welterweight bout.

Boxing Bout

In the light heavyweight bout, Lance Corporal Bracegirdle of 3 Regiment RLC took the title with a unanimous win over Private Moorland-Jones of 27 Regiment.

Also winning with a unanimous decision was Private Willet of 3 Regt RLC, coming out on top in a closely-fought battle with Private Fakalogologo of 13 AA Sp Regt.

The heavyweight bout was competitive, with Lance Corporal Harris winning a split decision over Lance Corporal Given of 1 Regiment RLC.

RLC Boxing Bout

1 Regiment RLC won the women's team contest with 4 Regiment RLC the runners-up.

Private Smith of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment won the female featherweight title in an enthralling battle with Private Clark of 27 Regiment RLC, with both boxers giving their all.

Lance Corporal Austerfield of 1 Regiment RLC won the female lightweight bout with a unanimous decision win over Lance Corporal Skipper of 27 Regiment RLC, while in the female welterweight bout, a hard-fought contest saw Lance Corporal Howard of 4 Regiment take victory with a unanimous decision over Sergeant Viant of 1 Regiment RLC.

RLC Boxing Female

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