Retracing the steps of their forefathers, members of 2 PARA have completed a two-day remembrance walk across the Falkland Islands.

Inspired by the route that 2 PARA endured during The Falklands War, the loaded march - which was the equivalent of two marathons whilst carrying 16kg rucksacks - saw around 100 personnel take part including volunteers from other sections of British Forces South Atlantic Island.

Second Lieutenant Ian Prowse from 2 PARA organised the walk, named Exercise Bruneval Endurance.

“We started at San Carlos settlement which is in the vicinity of the area where 2 PARA landed in 1982."

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“Once arrived we climbed Sussex Mountains which is where the Battalion dug-in during the conflict and remained for a few weeks waiting for their orders to where they were going to move.

“There are still some shell scrapes present that they dug during the conflict.

“That first bit was definitely the hardest part as it goes up a couple of hundred metres plus we were carrying 16kg rucksacks."

“It was quite an intense start to the couple of days. Once we crested that hill we had amazing views down to Goose Green and then it was just another 20 miles or so from the top. From there we moved down to Goose Green which is where 2 PARA conducted their first battle."

The Battle of Goose Green took place between the 28th-29th May 1982 where 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment were ordered to execute the operation as the unit nearest Goose Green.

It was here that Commanding Officer of 2 PARA Lt Col Herbert Jones died during the battle. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Learning about the history of the Battalion and the 1982 Falklands War has played a big role during their time as the Roulement Infantry Company.

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“About a month ago we went to Goose Green and did a battlefield tour there to see the terrain.

“We tabbed past where Lt Col Jones died and saw his grave at San Carlos.

“It put perspective on the conflict and we’ve had some really good feedback from retired Paratroopers saying good effort."

“For the lads that’s really encouraging because it gives them a sense of pride in what they’ve been doing.

“The historical aspect has been really important while we’ve been here, especially with remembrance season at the moment.

“To finish at the Cathedral in Stanley where 2 PARA’s colours are hung was quite a moving moment for everyone.”

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Soon to return to Colchester, 2 PARA have maintained the strong bond between the regiment and the Falkland Islands’ community during their time as the Roulement Infantry Company.

“We’ve made the most of the training opportunities available such as getting up to the ranges.

"We’ve also done some really good engagement pieces with the BFSAI community and the community down in Stanley.

"We’ve had loads of people volunteering down at the café and the effect we’ve had has been really positive.”

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