Ieuan Hudson REME Army triathlon winner

A British Army soldier has spoken about his journey from 16-stone 'Call of Duty' gaming addict to multi-award-winning athlete.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Lance Corporal Ieuan Hudson has won the Army Sprint Triathlon Championships and the Army Standard Championships meaning he now holds two British Army triathlon titles.

No one has held all three of the triathlon/duathlon titles at once. Ieuan has to wait until April 2019 to see if he can claim the third one.

This has been part of a gradual and progressive - but dramatic - positive transformation.

Ieuan Hudson REME Army triathlon winner
Ieuan before his weight loss journey

It was only six years ago, before he joined the Army, that he weighed almost 16 stone (around 100kg). 

He's now the fittest he’s ever been and the transformation from sofa to champion is quite amazing.

He told his story to Forces Radio BFBS on the weekday 'Totally Connected' show, hosted by Hal Stewart, which you can hear between 10am and 1pm.

You can listen to the full interview below...

Ieuan had been addicted to playing the computer game 'Call of Duty' online. 

"I absolutely loved the online gaming, being better than everyone and ended up putting on a load of weight.

"One day I realised that my life got quite repetitive... Just waking up, online gaming and going back to sleep."

"I didn't look right. I was pushing 100 kilos. I saw an Army recruitment poster and I thought I'd challenge myself that way."

And join he did, progressing quickly from his initial poor basic military fitness test, where you have to complete a mile-and-a-half run in 10 minutes 30 seconds - which he did in 13 minutes 17 seconds.

When Hal asked him what he thinks his time would be if he ran the assessment tomorrow, he says: "I'd like to think low 7's."

Now with the help of former military man Mark Livesey, himself a sub nine-hour Ironman, multiple qualifier for the Kailua-Kona Ironman championships and elite/age group long-course coach, Ieuan is on the path to achieving regular titles in his triathlete efforts.

Next up is the REME Championships, a three-race series. Incredibly, Ieuan has already won the first two.

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