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Royal Marines Band surprises New York rail passengers with flash mob performance

The Band of His Majesty's Royal Marines delivered quite a spectacle for New York rail commuters.

With the Atlantic Future Forum (AFF) on board the Royal Navy's flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Band of His Majesty's Royal Marines decided to surprise the Grand Central Station train terminal with a flash mob.

The brass band ensemble from the Royal Marines marched – unannounced – through the New York terminal with passersby caught by surprise and treated to quite a display.

As well as flash mobs, there have also been real-life 'Iron Men' making a dramatic entrance, flying jet-powered suits onto HMS Queen Elizabeth, as she hosted the Anglo-American military conference.

With the Atlantic Future Forum being all about discussing how the navies can make better use of technology and harness new developments to address defence and security challenges, there was perhaps no better way for them to embark.

The Royal Navy's flagship which dropped anchor within sight of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour on Sunday posted the jet suit footage onto Twitter alongside the caption "Talk about making an entrance".