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Real-life 'Iron Men' make jet suit entrance onto HMS Queen Elizabeth

Real-life 'Iron Men' made quite the entrance flying jet-powered suits onto HMS Queen Elizabeth, as she plays host to an Anglo-American military conference.

With the Atlantic Future Forum (AFF) being all about discussing how the navies can make better use of technology and harness new developments to address defence and security challenges, there was perhaps no better way to make an entrance. 

The Royal Navy's flagship which dropped anchor within sight of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour on Sunday, posted the jet suit footage onto Twitter alongside the caption "Talk about making an entrance".

HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail for the US from Portsmouth on September 7 in place of its sister ship HMS Prince of Wales which broke down off the Isle of Wight days before the trip.

The 65,000-tonne warship is acting as the floating venue for the AFF – a defence conference focusing on Anglo-American military, political and strategic relations.

The arrival of the Royal Navy's flagship in New York came hours after Prime Minister Liz Truss spoke about her intentions to make the UK's "special" relationship with the US "even more special" in the next few years.