Military insurance that moves with you

Tailored Home Insurance For The UK Armed Forces

Services Family Insurance has launched a new policy for the unique military lifestyle

Military insurance that moves with you

When civilians move home they must buy a new policy and the location impacts the price. But, for Service personnel, mobility is the norm and they should not have to.

Veteran-focused insurance company 'Services Family' have created a policy that moves with you across Ministry Of Defence (MOD) accommodation - saving hassle and money.

Are Military Personnel In MOD Accommodation Ordinary Tenants?

No. Single personnel living in blocks, the Mess or MOD hirings are not normally required to buy buildings cover. Some cover might still be a good idea, but Married Quarters are different and cover is mandated for the Licence To Occupy (LTO).

An LTO is different to a ‘tenancy agreement’. An LTO insurance policy covers the damage to the building including walls, floors, bathroom ware, fitted kitchens, carpets, MOD furniture and white goods. A civilian tenant would have to pay for damage even if it is not their fault but, under JSPs, military personnel do not. Also, LTO has a limit of £20,000 liability to the MOD.

In Service Family Accommodation (SFA), civilian policies buildings cover is usually only available for homeowners and other cover is normally more than the JSP limit of £20,000. So, stand-alone LTO cover, like that of Services Family, could be a better option.

Tri-Services insurance policies

Contents & Kit

Insuring your possessions is a wise choice. Unlike a civilian policy, a military one needs to cover the additional risks worldwide. Military kit and 'travel' is not always for a holiday.

Some policies will only cover certain types of events with optional expensive accidental damage. Some policies include it as standard, but most insurers will not cover your smartphone if it is smashed on deployment. Deployment cover for authorised personal possessions is a key feature in the Services Family policy. They understand that service personnel have responsibility for kit issued to them and few civilian policies handle military kit.

Think about the possessions you have – it is surprising how much “clutter” costs to replace. Normally, valuable items (bikes, phones, watches, rings, dress uniforms etc) need to be itemised which helps with fair pricing and claims. An honest and accurate assessment of the value of your possessions and where they are kept and used is important. Personal valuables ‘out of the house’ may drive premiums but your general possessions and kit should not.

Also, be sure to check your contents policy automatically extends cover to your family at university or your temporary or separated duty. For additional protection, Services Family have included Liability protection (if you are sued) and Legal expenses cover (if you need a lawyer); cover sometimes packaged up with civilian Contents policies.

At Services Family, their portable military Home, Contents and Kit policy was designed for you and is backed by one of the safest and largest insurance groups in the world.

A flexible policy which moves with you across the MOD estate and accommodation.

Remember that if a partner or spouse runs a business from a military quarter then clerical business equipment will often be included in contents cover but many home businesses need additional cover; Services Family offer additional policies for small businesses.

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