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Global MilSatCom’s Small Satellites And Disruptive Technology Focus Day

SMi Reports: Global MilSatCom returned with a Small Satellites and Disruptive Technology Focus Day

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The 21st annual Global MilSatComconference and exhibition, will return to London on 5th, 6th and 7th November. A Small Satellites and Disruptive Technology Focus Day was held on the 4th November.

Launched successfully last year, the Small Satellites and Disruptive Technologyfocus day explored key developments in LEO small satellite constellations and how we can exploit these networks to deliver more capability on the ground.

Bringing together more than 100 delegates, including leading commercial solution providers, those at the cutting edge of small satellite R&D (including organisations from the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus) and government end-users - discussed what future trends in constellation development might have here on the ground.

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Small Satellites and Disruptive Technology focus day presentation highlights include:

  • Mr Gary Lay BEng, Director of Strategic Opportunities, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited on ‘Delivering the Disruptive: Future Launch & Development of Small Satellites’
  • Mr Craig Clark MBE, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder, Clyde Space/AAC Clyde on ‘Future Space & Disruption in the Satellite Market’
  • Mr Mark Boggett, CEO, Seraphim Capital on ‘Small Sats, Payloads and Data: Trends in Future Space’
  • Dr Juan Reveles, Chief Technology Officer, Oxford Space Systems on ‘Meeting the Challenges of the New Space Age’

The following three days, Global MilSatCom Conference and Exhibition will gather over 600 international attendees, from more than 35 nations to explore:

  • Maintaining and sustaining space superiority
  • Updates on the UK’s SKYNET constellation
  • Updates on international SATCOM programme developments - representation from every continent on earth (bar Antarctica)
  • The enterprise wide reorganisation endeavours within the US DoD and its new and ‘go fast’ procurement efforts
  • Allied collaboration and future partnerships
  • Resilience and protection in future architectures
  • Next generation LEO small sat constellations
  • NATO procurement of allied bandwidth for future joint operations

For the full event details and speaker line-up, the event brochure is available to download at