Financial advice for the Armed Forces Community

Armed Forces Financial Services – Established By Ex Forces For The Forces

Fee Free financial advice to members of the UK Armed Forces, veterans and their families

Financial advice for the Armed Forces Community

Armed Forces Financial Services (AFFS) has been providing Fee Free dedicated Independent Financial Advice to members of the UK Armed Forces, Veterans and their families since 2004.

Here, the company presents what services they can offer:

What Sets Us Apart From Other IFAs & Mortgage Brokers?

We only provide advice to military personnel, veterans and their families.

We are ex-members of the Armed Forces ourselves so we understand your specific needs better than most other IFAs and Mortgage brokers.

We know which lenders accept the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, previous BFPO address history or the need for Immediate Consent to Let.

Our Services are Fee Free to anyone who is currently serving in the UK’s Armed Forces, Veterans or immediate family. Unlike many other Military Advisors, we support the Armed Forces Community by waiving our right to charge an up-front fee.

We are Directly Authorised Independent Financial Advisors, which means we do not have to work from a panel of lenders as many other mortgage or insurance brokers do, we have access to all lenders and deals.

We work for you, not a lender or insurer, and because we are directly authorised, we have access to all lenders.

We have access to all insurance companies and specifically, those that specialise in Military Protection/Insurance.

We’re not just nine to five. You can get our expert advice when you need as we operate by email – no wasted time sorting out Face to Face meetings (essential during these strange times)! You can get hold of us whenever you need to.


Why Do I Need To Use An IFA / Mortgage Broker?

Of course, many people are happy to try to source their own mortgage but there are a few things to consider before you go down that route.

- We’re qualified – to be able to give advice an Independent Adviser has to gain suitable qualifications as determined by the FCA and not only that, but we are regularly checked to ensure we’re still up to date with industry and legislative changes.

- You’re Protected: Using a regulated broker or IFA gives you protection. We have a duty of care to you and if the advice given is wrong, you can complain and get compensation.

- More choice: Using an IFA, specifically a Directly Authorised IFA or mortgage broker gives you access all mortgage lenders and deals which you would not have access to on you own.

- Reduce paperwork: We do most of the legwork and paperwork for you! Not only will we find you a great deal, we’ll also take away much of the lengthy administration away from you! We have direct routes to lenders and know exactly what info they’ll require.

- Not just mortgages: AFFS will also be able source Life Assurance cover, payment protection and various other essential insurances, saving you even more time and let’s be honest, money.

To find out how AFFS can help you whatever your mortgage or insurance need is, simply get in touch by emailing [email protected], fill in our contact form here, or if you know what you need and want to get the ball rolling, fill in one of our fact finds here