Alex Gill BFBS Brize Norton

Alex started working in radio at the age of 15, making tea for presenters and collecting their CDs. Eventually he was let on air and decided that really there was no other life for him! Following his first stint on air he went to Bournemouth University getting BA (Hons) in Radio Production where he was the Head of Technology at the student radio station Nerve*. He joined BFBS full time shortly after, presenting Breakfast in Gibraltar where he had listeners putting their hands in some pretty disgusting things for his feature 'What's In The Breakfast Box'. He also met Olly Murs and took a trip into a submarine.

Alex loves anything remotely geeky and can today be found presenting Breakfast across Oxfordshire from RAF Brize Norton, or on board one of their aircraft!

He has the most 'blagged' air-miles in the company and will try to get on as many flights around Brize as possible. If he isn't on air, he's near a kettle or DJing at the BrizeBop on a Thursday night.