UK And US Forces Test Their Military Skills In The Middle East

Watch as the Royal Navy, RAF, Royal Marines and the British Army link up with their American counterparts in a test of military skills.

UK and US forces are used to working with each other in Bahrain as part of the Joint Maritime Component Command but this week saw them bringing out their competitive spirit.

Stretcher races, shuttle runs, squad push-ups and relay racing faced competitors at the US Naval Support Facility.

Teams comprised of personnel from the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force linked up with their US Marine joint task force counterparts.

Compeition shot

The sun beamed down on the teams as the friendly competitive side of those involved emerged on the American softball pitch.

Major Gloria Luedtke of the US Marine Corps spoke highly of the day’s event. She said:

“We wanted to get the UK military to take part in our military skills to enhance the already good comradery between us.

"This is the first of many competitions we will be competing with the UK military.”

Tug of War finale

The tight affair saw the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the United Kingdom Naval Support Facility staff face each other in a tough tug of war competition.

The United Kingdom Naval Support Facility (UKNSF) and US forces team edged out the competition and saw them take the trophy home. Major Paul Eaton, of the UKNSF team said:

“I don’t think the Americans just really understood how competitive the Brits can be especially when you put a finish line at the end of it.”

The event looks to be the first of many for the combined forces with talk of the US Forces getting a taste of a sport closer to home.

Lieutenant Chris Feen is keen to invite the US forces to take on some traditional British sports. He said:

"We can teach the Americans to play rugby… I’m looking forward to it.”

Bahrain - Winning team

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