Gibraltar Resilience Games rowing - Photo MOD Gibraltar

Armed Forces Test Their Resilience In A First For Gibraltar

Athletes from all three services showed off their staying power to test their physical and mental endurance

Gibraltar Resilience Games rowing - Photo MOD Gibraltar

Armed Forces athletes from all three services showed off their staying power in a contest to test their physical strength and mental resilience in a first for British Forces Gibraltar.

Fitness workouts included a range of exercises from three Rep Max presses – the maximum weight you can lift for a single repetition in an exercise – to dumbbell snatches, to 400 metre runs and press ups and squats in what is said to be the first Gibraltar Resilience Games.

Hayley Hammond, of Forces Radio BFBS Gibraltar caught up with organiser Sgt Zoe Fowler and some of the competitors at the event earlier this month - as can be heard in the audio below.

Sgt Fowler, who held a resilience games event at her previous unit for RAF 100 and decided to bring the idea to Gibraltar, said:

“We’ve got 14 competitors, individuals in total, and we have five teams competing today, so a really good effort.”

Various fitness activities including three individual workouts and team events took place over the course of the day.

Gibraltar Resilience Games rowing - Photo MOD Gibraltar
Encouraging Pte Jimmy Bowman to continue with his outstanding effort. Photo: Cpl Hammond, MOD Gibraltar

LH Josh Brown competed in both the individual and team events.

"We went into the last event pretty neck and neck ... It was literally right down to the last event.”

“Everybody’s mates in there but everybody’s competitive as soon as the whistle blows … in a Forces environment it’s only a good thing.”


Gibraltar Resilience Games Group Photo: MOD Gibraltar
Gibraltar Resilience Games Competitors, organisers and referees. Photo: Cpl Hammond, MOD Gibraltar

With a final count and verification of the scores by Sgt Zoe Fowler, the results came in as follows:

Individual Male Winner AB Kris Treloar

Individual Female Winner PO Kelly Gooch

Team Winners LH Josh Brown & AB Kris Treloar

Outstanding Effort Pte Jimmy Bowman 

Lt Col David King, Commanding Officer of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, presented the winners with their certificates and prizes, and congratulated all the competitors on their sterling efforts.  

After the success of the Games, discussions about the second resilience games event are already underway.