Moment fireworks exploded at Berlin city forest ammo dump fire caught on camera

The moment fireworks exploded as a fire tore through an ammo dump in Germany has been captured on camera.

A large fire has broken out in Berlin's Grunewald forest, triggered by several explosions that took place at an ammunition dump inside the forest.

The fire was spreading quickly and massive explosions could be heard from the site where old ammunition from the Second World War, fireworks and explosive ordnance are stored and controlled explosions are carried out.

About 100 firefighters were battling the blaze in one of the city's biggest forests, German news agency DPA reported.

"The situation is dangerous," Thomas Kirstein from the Berlin fire department told reporters.

"The fire is not under control, the forest is burning uncontrollably."

He said it was not clear what triggered the first explosions at the ammunition dump early on Thursday.

He called on residents to stay away from the forest.

Cover image: Fireworks and WW2 ammunition exploding in the Grunewald forest, Berlin (Picture: @FloWendelborn).

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