First Fusiliers train in Germany ahead of Nato battlegroup lead in Estonia

Watch: The First Fusiliers at the Nato Forward Holding Base in Sennelager preparing for Estonia.

The First Fusiliers have been preparing to lead the Nato multinational battlegroup in Estonia for a second time.

Last in the Baltic State in 2020, the Wiltshire-based soldiers were testing themselves on the British Army's main German training area in Sennelager.

They will be back in the autumn on a mission to reassure the Estonian nation, once ruled by its Russian neighbours.

The First Fusiliers are at the Nato Forward Holding Base in Sennelager, as it is said it closely resembles the Estonian landscape and woodland.

"Especially, in England, it's a lot more hilly but out here a lot more woods, a lot more different kind of training we have to be, you know, conducting, especially with the world how it is these days," First Fusiliers Warrior Section Commander, Lance Corporal Kal Callaghan told Forces News.

The 650 British soldiers training in Sennelager are not the first to go to the tiny Baltic state, with the Army in 2017 putting into action Operation Cabrit.

The Fusiliers battlegroup will also include the Queen's Royal Hussars - and a few reservists from the Royal Wessex Yeomanry - operating Challenger 2 tanks.

Royal Wessex Yeomanry Reservist Tank Crew Commander, Lieutenant Ben Piggott told Forces News: "I think it's a little daunting, but every reservist joins to do their part, just part-time, not full-time.

"And therefore, I think every reservist should aspire to be an operational tool.

"So I think we're less daunted and more just excited to do our bit and contribute to the Army's goals."

Watch: A look at Estonia's defence strategy.

Like their predecessors, the First Fusiliers aim to be more than a token presence in Estonia and have a well-regarded reputation as ground combat specialists, highly mobile foot soldiers, brought into action aboard Warrior infantry fighting vehicles.

The First Fusiliers battlegroup is due in Estonia by the autumn. It will include a French contingent and will also be supported by the Royal Horse Artillery's AS90 howitzers.

Last month, troops from all three services of the British military took part in a major Nato exercise in Estonia.

Exercise Spring Storm saw 1,500 British personnel join servicemen and women from 11 Nato countries, the first time the UK has conducted a brigade-sized deployment to the country.

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