British Challenger 2 tanks stored at Sennelager head to Poland

Challenger 2 tanks stored at the Army's NATO Forward Holding Base in Sennelager are being sent to Poland. 

The British tanks will join a squadron of Queen's Royal Hussars and be part of 21st Polish Brigade during their time in the country.

'A' Squadron (Prince Philip's Squadron) of the Queen's Royal Hussars have travelled from their Tidworth Base in Wiltshire to Athlone Barracks which is part of the Army's NATO Forward Holding Base in northern Germany.

For the Queen's Royal Hussars, nicknamed 'Churchill's Own', it marks a brief return to Athlone Barracks – the site on the outskirts of Paderborn is where, until 2019, the armoured regiment was stationed. 

The barracks is now a storage facility from where the squadron has drawn pre-positioned Challenger 2 main battle tanks and other heavy armour.

The heavy equipment will be driven to Poland on Polish commercial specialised transporters.

On arrival, 'A' Squadron will be integrated into a Polish battlegroup for six months as part of Britain's growing military presence in eastern Europe since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

More about their role in Poland is expected to be revealed once they are in position.

Challenger 2 tanks stored in Sennelager being prepared to be sent to Poland 05072022 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The heavy equipment will be driven to Poland on board Polish commercial specialised transporters.

Each of the squadron's tanks has a name beginning with the letter 'A' and represents some of the Queen's Royal Hussars' 172 battle honours.

The tanks also have 'A' Squadron's 'Devil's Children' crest stamped on them.

The Duke of Edinburgh was Colonel-in-Chief of the Queen's Royal Hussars until his death in 2021 and the position remains vacant.

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